R.B. Willy Treasure Hunt: Second Round, Third Clue

It’s time for the third and final clue in the second round of this years’ R.B. Willy Treasure Hunt.

But first, let’s review the two other clues:

First Clue:

‘R. B. Willy, holds the second prize for you to gain, as he drives up a street once called North Main.’

Second clue:

‘Willy continues toward a highway, now with Welland’s old name, but he turns east onto a road known for a quiet folk of fame.’

And now it’s time, here is the third and final clue:

‘Willy swings into a lot for diamonds and, pauses at flags where the Jackfish are climbin’. He runs to the left outside the stadium with prize intact, going past the VIP entrance and to a hill at back. While overlooking left field, he sees his prize’s spot, at a tall yellow pole long hitters try to top.’