R.B. Willy Treasure Hunt: Third Round, Third Clue

Today is the day, it is time for the third and final clue for this year’s R.B. Willy Treasure Hunt. But, before we get to the final clue, let’s review the first two clues:

First clue:

‘R. B. Willy says to find his last 2019 prize, look to the South to pool your tips for his surprise.’

Second clue:

‘Seek a road known for drama and musicals, then find the street that makes dragons weep.’

Okay, treasure hunters, here it is, the third clue:

‘Rose Bud Willy loves to dance where Rosie set the beat. There he skirts the pool, scouting for a Centennial feat, and near it at the largest Oak, you will find his final Festival treat.’

Good luck treasure hunters!